Shipworks Connector for Woocommerce

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Shipworks Connector for Woocommerce

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How it works

Our plugin ShipWorks Connector allows Woocommerce to synchronize with Shipworks.
Your orders in Woocommerce will be download in Shipworks with all information from your customer for the shipping and manage fully your orders in Shipworks.
Once you ship it from Shipworks, orders status will be modified in Woocommerce along with the tracking number.
Our plugin is free for any website then have less than 30 orders per month, after that, you will need to take a subscription on our website



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You don’t find your plugin, please contact us

Installation / Set up

Follow these steps to install Shipworks Connector

  1. Go in your WordPress Plugins -> Add New -> Search for Shipworks Connector
  2. Install + Activate it (Same plugin with the subscription)
  3. Go in Shipworks Connector Tab -> Settings
  4. Create your own Username and Password
  5. Go in Shipworks Software on your computer
  6. Add a Store -> Add Username and password you just created

And you are all set!

Please See our Installation Video

You can also follow this guide (provided by Shipworks):

Use It For Free

Free Plugin Until 30 Orders per Month

You Want to Try our Plugin or Just Use It on a Small Store, Please Do

Follow the Steps Above Installation / Set Up.



Please check the FAQs below.
If you cannot find or resolve the issue, please contact us via the chat or via our contact page

When you ship an order, the status is not modified in Woocommerce

In ShipWorks go into the menu in Manage -> Actions.
A window opens and there should be an action that is running when “A shipment is processed” and which task is “Upload the shipment details”.
If not create one with the appropriate store. So the details of that shipment are automatically updated online when you ship your orders.

I have an error "Reference to undeclared entity 'lsaquo'

This error is most of the time a redirection on your website, it could be www to no www or http to https, to find out tape your URL website in a browser and your module URL should start by that, per example for

What to do if I have an error 406 ?

Error 406 is meaning your hosting have a mod_security module on their server. So you have to contact your hosting to ask them to remove it for your account. Sometimes they will need your IP to unlock it only for your computer.

What to do if I have an error 500, 404 or 403 ?

Please deactivate all plugin that could block an external direct connection like a plugin firewall or the plugin query monitor. You can also try to whitelist our IPs and your IPs where Shipworks is installed.

What to do If I have a bug in my orders (in Shipworks) ?

Please contact us, we will fix the bug as soon as possible. (Most of the time we are fixing bugs in less than 24h)
If you have any questions or issues about the plugin don’t hesitate to contact us.
We also have an online chat on our website.

I have an error wrong credentials

Your username and password don’t match between your website and your Shipworks

  1. Open your Store Connection in Shipworks (Manage -> Stores -> Edit -> Store Connection)
  2. Go in your website dashboard -> Shipworks Connector -> Settings
  3. And modify your username and password, it should be the same on both side
You have an error "The server couldn't be reach, please try again later"?

Please whitelist our IPs to fix this issue:

Where can I find my IP

You can find it on internet by clicking on this link:

Wordpress Multi Site Instructions.

Please do not activate the plugin network-wide. Activate the plugin on each instance new sub website and the plugin will work correctly.

Woocommerce Order Delivery

To add columns Shipping and Delivery by date, click right in Shipworks on Columns label, check Ship By Date (for the Shipping by Date) and check Custom Field 1 (For the Delivery by Date)