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Shipworks Connector

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  • Woocommerce Composite Products (By SomewhereWarm)
  • Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers (By SkyVerge)
  • Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro (By SkyVerge)
  • Woocommerce Shipment Tracking (By WooCommerce)
  • Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor (By WooCommerce)
  • Woocommerce Product Add-ons (By WooCommerce)
  • TM Extra Product Options plugin (By themecomplete)
  • Woocommerce Bulk Discount (By Rene Puchinger)
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing (By Lucas Stark)
  • Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses (By WooCommerce)
  • WooCommerce Cost of Goods (By SkyVerge)
  • Woocommerce Order Status Manager (By SkyVerge)
  • Twilio SMS notifications (By SkyVerge)
  • AfterShip – WooCommerce Tracking (By AfterShip)
  • Woocommerce Smart Coupons (By StoreApps)
  • Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce (By Zorem)

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Installation / Set up

Follow these steps to install Shipworks Connector

  1. Go in your WordPress Plugins -> Search for Shipworks Connector
  2. Install + Activate it (Same plugin with the subscription)
  3. Go in Shipworks Connector Tab -> Settings
  4. Create your own Username and Password
  5. Go in Shipworks Software on your computer
  6. Add a Store -> Add Username and password you just created

And you are all set !

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Follow the Steps Above Installation / Set Up.